Sunday, June 10, 2007

Pre Divorce Planning Helps Ease Stress

Faye B. Roberts

Learning how to protect yourself if you are considering divorce with a little pre divorce planning will help your divorce run more smoothly as well as providing you with extra protection. By spending a little time now in preparation can save a lot of money in legal fees.

Your Mail Box : Make a list of sender and return address and make a copy of the following revenue properties, insurance companies, stock brokers, credit issuers and banks. Set up new mail receiving system for your privacy as well as ensuring you will receive your mail. You could have it sent to friend of relative or set up a post office box. Remember to send out a change of address notice.

Know Your Family Finances:

1 Examine all monthly credit card statements, bank and brokerage statements, property information and assessments.
2 Be sure to review of all loan documents, mortgage applications, and financial statements.
3 Gather information from all pension plans for either yourself or your spouse.
4 Make copies of tax returns for the previous five years and of the taxation notice of assessment.

Know Your Assets:

1 Make a complete listing of any assets in your and your spouse's name both personal and business related. Note if the assets are jointly or individually owned and the source of the assets, if inherited, gifted, or in the name of a separate individual on your behalf. It is essential to indicate if the belongings were acquired before to or while married.
2 List and photograph the contents of your safety deposit box and know approximate value.

Know Your Liabilities: Make a comprehensive list of all debts or obligations. Recognize each debt, date it was incurred and the element for the debt. Recognize which party has been making the payments, as well as the monthly or yearly amounts.


1 If you have medical and dental coverage under your partners plan be sure to search for new coverage in the event of separation.
2 This is no time to be creating addition debt, making large purchases like a new car. Keep your belongings as liquid as you can.
3 Do not change, transfer, sign, or make a gift of any marital assets in both names.
4 If you are employed, stay employed. It is vital to secure your impending financial independence and earn enough to maintain assets such as your home and car.
5 Divorce or separation can causes immediate economic hardship. Buy traveler's checks or stash some cash in order to be able to purchase personal necessities in the event of a divorce.

Understand Insurance Policy's :

1 Have information about all insurance policies relating to the matrimonial residence furnishings, vehicles, jewelry, artwork, or other valuable. List the appraised value if possible.
2 Gather papers on any life insurance coverage that either parties have. This may be forgotten equity.

Other, But Important

1 Get copies of any wills or trust agreements that you presently have.

2 Never move of the family home without first discussing it with your lawyer.

Armed with this information on pre divorce planning you can be prepared in the event of a divorce. Being prepared for divorce will help take off a bit of the stress that divorcing can cause.
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