Monday, June 4, 2007

Major Reasons Couples Divorce

Faye B. Roberts

Over the past century, the divorce rate has steadily grown in North America and all over the world. Marriage used to be considered a life long commitment but in the modern age nearly half of all marriages fail. Some say it has become a worldwide epidemic. This number is staggering when you think of the number of lives that are affected each and every year. There are several major reasons couples divorce that are consistently common.

Several studies have been done on why people get divorced, but the outcome of these studies have varying conclusions on what the root cause of divorce is. Sometimes the reasons people use for wanting or getting a divorce are purely selfish and have little or no substance. One example of this is not liking the fact that your partner has a jealousy problem. There may be an underlying cause for displaying this emotion. It may be that they suffer with low self esteem or fear of loss.

Major reasons couples divorce or think of ending their marriage:

*Personal beliefs or philosophy conflicts
*Decrease in martial satisfaction
*Desertion by one party
*Abusive behaviour-mental or physical
*Bigamy- not very common
*prison term
*loss of a child, or conflicts on raising them
*Institutionalization, or illness such as alcoholism.
*financial problems
*no longer in love
*lack of communication

If you are thinking about or wanting to terminate your marriage you need to make sure that you have a solid reason that cannot be changed with the proper guidance. You will be doing yourself a disservice if you make the decision with emotions and not fact.

To make a smart decision requires lots of knowledge: do not leap before you think it though. Make a list of why you are no longer want this marriage and be honest with yourself. Go back to your list in a few days and you may be able to scratch off a few reasons if you were in an emotional state rather than a logical frame of mind while doing it. Keep doing this and see if your list shrinks or stays the same. Take your time because making a hasty decision could only end up costing you both emotionally and financially.

So now you have a short list of major reasons couples divorce and some guidelines to follow. Make sure that your situation is unchangeable before you file for a divorce, because once the final papers are signed it is irreversible.

Faye B. Roberts is an independent researcher who has gone through a divorce and has suffered the effects it has on the entire family. Find out how to start enjoying your life again, and allow your children to do the same. Divorce and the Family is a simple solution to a complex problem.
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