Saturday, June 9, 2007

Etiquette and Other Divorce Court Information

Faye B. Roberts

Etiquette is important in every aspect of our lives, especially in Divorce Court. The etiquette you display in divorce court can have a huge impact on the outcome of your divorce settlement. Judges will look at all the evidence presented to them by both Attorneys before deciding a case, but actions can speak louder than the written word.

If you fail to conduct yourself in an orderly manner, you could lose some of the concessions regarding Property Division or Custody and Visitation rights for your children. It is important you gather as much divorce court information as possible before going to court so you can present yourself properly.

It doesn't matter how much property division is at stake between you and your spouse, not acting with proper etiquette in front of the judge will only make the proceedings last longer than necessary and could force the Court to decide in unfavorable ways. Divorce proceedings are a difficult time in anyone's life, and poor court etiquette will only make matters worse for both parties involved.

Once you enter the Divorce Court and are seated in front of the Judge, it is important to follow proper divorce court etiquette. There may be instances where you must speak to the judge about particular information. If this occurs, always address the judge as "Your Honor" and thank him or her for allowing you the opportunity to speak. If there is no need for you to articulate in court, then allow your lawyer to do the talking.

Never make the mistake of addressing your spouse in court with a negative remark, especially in front of the Judge. This will only hurt your case, anger the Judge, and possibly impair your settlement. Being as prepared as possible is necessary for your lawyer, but it is also important for you too. Take notes during the proceedings because your family Attorney may not have a chance to jot down information if he or she is speaking to the Judge.

Finally, never bring children to the courtroom with you. This is especially important to remember if either spouse is seeking custody or if you both want joint physical custody of the children. Divorces are difficult enough for children, and making them witness a struggle between their parents could cause unnecessary stress for them.

Even if your lawyer does not have the poise or attitude of Perry Mason, you can still make it through Divorce Court without losing entirely. Your lawyer will be responsible for presenting the Judge with evidence about the property division or any custody and visitation requests.

It is your responsibility to behave properly and address everyone with common courtesy, especially the Judge. Armed with this divorce court information you should be able to go to court and breeze through the proceedings without it resembling some of the celebrity divorces we see in the media.

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Mia Carmel West said...

Great advice on how to keep one's etiquette in check, especially during one of the most difficult situations a person could ever endure. Also, do not expect your spouse to be civil and cordial during the whole procedure. Emotions will run high so be prepared for the worst and just keep everything in check.

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